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Kimberly Hughes Ellis

President & Creative Director

Marketing professional with over 25 years of diverse experience in advertising, sales, promotions, public relations, and creative direction within both B2B and B2C sales segments. She drives value creation through innovative and strategic planning, relationship building and execution management. Her strength lies in bringing concepts to completion with precision, accuracy and within budget.


To say Kim has been in advertising and marketing her whole life is not an exaggeration. Her father Ed Hughes, owned the EJ Hughes Advertising Agency from 1973-1995. Kim literally grew up in the business, as the school bus dropped her off at his office every day. She spent her afternoons either in the art department assisting with building mechanicals for newspaper ads for the St. Pete Times, or in the conference room writing jingles for clients like Ernie Haire Ford, Ace Auto Parts, Drapeman Textile Outlets, Carrier Air Conditioning, Kane's Furniture and Economy TV.


Starting that young had its advantages, at the age of 27 Kim was the Executive Producer for a commercial for then client Varian Oncology Systems, that ran during halftime in Super Bowl XXXI and seen by 87 million viewers on FOX.


Jason Ross

Web Marketing Manager, Digital Media & Real Estate Marketing Strategist

Jason Ross has a 20-year background in digital media, and video marketing, with extensive experience in retail and real estate marketing. As the Director of Operations for Keller Williams Sports and Entertainment, Mr. Ross works directly with professional athletes, musicians, and artists to discretely find their new home, investment property or location for their business. Mr. Ross is excellent at then turning these relationships into consulting agreements for web design, social media management, personal branding, and more. Jason is a graduate of FullSail University and now sits on the Entertainment Business Program Advisory Committee at his Alma Mater. He holds a commercial drone pilot license and uses his vast experience and resources to help his client's real estate needs.

Paul Wilson.jpg

Paul B Wilson

Director of Media & Public Relations

Paul Wilson is a seasoned advertising and marketing specialist with unique expertise of brand strategy, creative development, media strategy and publicity. He’s an Award-Winning writer, producer and artist. Also an alumni of the EJ Hughes Advertising Agency, Paul brings an uncommon knowledge of all facets of communications to our clients. With an innovative and thoughtful approach to creative development and production, media strategy, advertising and publicity uncommon among his peers, Paul Wilson has a 360° approach to communications. His experience with media garnered him expert status which led to an appointment as Media Analyst in the 6th, 8th and 12th Judicial Circuits in Florida. He’s been featured on Fox News Channel, Hard Copy and Inside Edition for his expert media analysis.

Rick Headshot.PNG

Rick Schirmer, III

Director of Viral Launch Influencer Marketing

As a pioneer of influencer marketing, Rick began influencer campaigns back when MySpace and Facebook first started. Throughout his 20 year career in the entertainment industry, Rick has been at the forefront of the most viral campaigns of all time - ever hear of Harry Potter, The Purge, The Hobbit, and Passion of the Christ? Working in the C-Suite next to Roy Disney and Michael Eisner, Rick became a "rock star" helping Disney brands make emotional connections, which lead to lifelong, loyal fans. He is the Founder and CEO of LaunchViral (Hollywood's first viral influencer agency), and a Founding Partner in Gloo (a 300+ employee data firm), and the Founder and CEO of LaunchPreneur. Rick has endorsements from some of the biggest and most recognizable names in business and has launched over 1,000 top and emerging brands. He is also an accomplished author, recently published LaunchPreneur : Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur in 60 Days.


Andrew Ortoski

Director of Video Production

Accomplished media production professional with 12+ years of experience in commercials, motion pictures, and photography. Track record of success within many production companies to improve production value and enhance image standards.


Andrew is motivated and personable with multiple skill sets in areas of pre-production, production, and post-production, and also has experience in electrical systems.

Flexible and versatile – able to maintain a sense of professionalism under pressure, goal-oriented, ability to accomplish tasks in various production departments, thrives in deadline-driven environments, excellent team-building skills, and ability to collaborate within teams.

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